GCG Corporate Governance


I. Stakeholders Relationship
II. Disclosure and Transparency
III. Responsibilites of the Board
IV. Bonus and Penalty
  1. JHMC don't use the Global Reporting Index (GRI) on its annual reports.
  2. Timely release of annual financial report/s
    1. 2017 Unaudited FS (Awaiting for the Audited FS from COA)
    2. 2016
    3. 2015
    4. 2014 Annual Audited Report (Date Received from COA: May 21, 2015, Date Published: July 21, 2015)
  3. Board of Directors who hold more than five (5) positions in GOCCs and PLCs (No JHMC Board of Directors hold more than five (5) positions in GOCCs and PLCs)
  4. Non-compliance with Good Governance Conditions
    1. 2014
      1. Pag-Ibig Fund
      2. Philhealth
      3. Department of Environment of Natural Resources
      4. Bureau of Internal Revenue